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For institutions

We partner with educational institutions to help grow their student base.

The demand for student loans is high, but securing funding is a costly and difficult process for most students who fail to meet the stringent criteria of traditional loan providers. At MANATI, we believe that students who perform well should receive the financial support that they need to succeed. With fresh thinking and key partnerships, we aim to offer alternative funding that contributes to a brighter economic future for all.

How it works

Innovative Model

Our holistic, personalised student vetting process and innovative risk scoring methods, which include academic results and course employability, ensure that we select students with the best potential to succeed.

More Students

By commercially partnering with educational institutions, MANATI offers low interest rates and extended payment terms that enables students to enrol who would otherwise be unable to source funding.

More Graduates

MANATI partner educational institutions are more likely to see students complete their studies and go on to find employment after graduating owing to the right students being selected and low financial pressure during studies.

Increased Revenue

MANATI manages the risk of defaulting repayments by assisting students to find employment after graduating. This improves the commercial returns on the loans with the associated increase in revenue for educational institutions.

MANATI partnered institutions are more likely to see students complete their studies and find employment after graduating.