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At times, managing outstanding student fees can pose challenges, straining resources and impeding cash flow for your institution. Manati offers the opportunity to finance arrears and assume the loan, enabling your institution to receive upfront cash while entrusting the management of the loan to our professional collections department.

The application link can be accessed here  Manati link for credit controllers and finance

Also, remember that you can complete the information on the link and we will get in touch with the customer.

Here’s how your partnership with Manati can be mutually beneficial:

  1. Financing Arrears: Manati can provide the necessary funds to cover the outstanding student fees. By financing the arrears, your institution can receive immediate cash upfront, addressing immediate financial needs and improving cash flow.
  2. Loan Management Expertise: Manati’s professional collections department is highly experienced in effectively managing loans and collections processes. They employ industry best practices, advanced technology, and compliance with regulations to optimise debt recovery efforts. Entrusting the loan management to Manati ensures efficient and effective collections, reducing the burden on your institution’s resources.
  3. Cash Flow Optimisation: By partnering with Manati, your institution can benefit from improved cash flow. The upfront cash received through financing arrears helps meet ongoing operational needs, support investments in infrastructure, and enhance the overall educational experience for our students.
  4. Professional Collections Approach: Manati prioritises professionalism in all customer communications and maintains a record of interactions. Their team of dedicated professionals ensures transparent and accountable collections processes.

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